Trina is a recovering love addict. Jon wasn’t a good fit for her, but she had chemistry for him – that inexplicable excitement we feel around some people 🎢 With hot chemistry we override our better judgment, throwing red flags overboard. There were good times, but she often walked on eggshells with Jon. He complained about her behavior when it wasn’t centered on him. Then there was that time he left her in another city! She still dated him after that. 😳💔

As Roxy music sang, “Love is the drug and I need to score…oh, catch that buzz, love is the drug for me” (song link in comments).

No judgment here. I’ve been guilty of this, too. Those experiencing love addiction get high from the drama of their next ‘fix’. Trina saw no-drama as boring. There’s the faux problem with nice guys who aren’t considered exciting enough because they’re nice. You know that one? But in reality, it’s cool as f*ck with them and here’s why: drama is nil so you feel consistently better when your brain isn’t constantly hijacked by unnecessary drama.

We can get addicted to that feeling of drama. That can originate in early family relationships, so can feel normalized, when in fact it’s not normal. It’s a learned response.

Trina’s addicted brain told her that the relationship could still work. #umno Her mind was in magical thinking land via her brain chemistry. She simply needed a tune-up.

With the perspective of distance, she looked at her former relationship and swore she’d only seek a loving, fun partnership in the future. Now she’s in a much better relationship. 🙌🏼 #SelectionIsEverything #ChooseWisely

A relationship is two people, who consistently treat each other well and with love, as evidence of wanting it to work.