1. Confidence. Confidence comes from within.

It can’t be faked. It can be built.

Build yourself up daily with positive self-talk until it’s a part of you. I bet you already do some negative self-talk – as you may have learned, it’s not helpful and it doesn’t egg you on to do better. It does make you feel crummy about yourself.

The most important words are those you say to yourself, so tell yourself good things, for ex., “I am enough,” or “I’m safe,” etc. – whatever language speaks to you.


2. Desire yourself. You must! This is key.

An established business axiom is, “the first sale is always to yourself.” It’s true in the love realm, too. If your self-worth feels wobbly, you won’t be the only one who feels that.

So, make yourself into a person you’d want to date.

What are those qualities?


3. Relish newness. Make it your mission to learn new things.

Keep your mind fresh and interested in life.

For ex., learn French, take an art class, take up roller-skating or tennis, ETC.

Get in the swim of life.


My Achilles Heel (fatal weakness) can be moodiness. It’s often tied to how much sleep I get. Sometimes I wake up fully at 3 am as if it’s morning, and can’t fall back asleep. When I’m tired I’m more challenging for myself, and probably for my partner, too. Given that I want to experience more consistency in my daily state of being, and I want to be my best for him, too, I’m now making myself go to bed at an earlier hour consistently to see if that helps. This is a tweak.

Continue to experiment to make your life the best you can have.