Esther Perel stresses regarding long-term relationships that we still need surprise and mystery to keep the relationship alive. It’s intriguing, which is how we felt when first got to know each other. Intrigue.

Is dating someone who shares ALL of your interests a good idea?

Sharing some interests is good. Most of us have limited free time, so it’s wonderful to share doing something we love with someone we love.

We all love new things, new experiences. They light up our brain. We love old things, too, that contribute to longstanding comfort, but we get excited about newness.

I like having some interests that are mine (my love of music and art, for ex) that I bring back to the relationship. I like that he has other interests (gaming and motorcycles), too, that he can then share with me. This helps to keep our relationship out of rutted territory.

I’m curious how you see this in your life and relationships?