We know when a cab is available. Its light is turned on. 🚕💡

Lightening bugs create a lovely spectacle with phosphorescence when they’re ‘on.’ We see flashes of yellow light flickering on and off around dusk.

Heidi looked to men to tell her if she was desirable. When one did, she felt good for a while, then it would fade. Her last boyfriend lost interest in her because she kept needing more reassurance. If you’re chasing it, you’re not it.

Men are drawn to confidence. It shows them they’re in the presence of another capable adult. Those are the women they want to date.

How can you cultivate extreme desirability? Women are natural creators so create it from within until it radiates outward. It doesn’t so much matter if you’re a few pounds overweight or if your clothes aren’t on-point. It matters so much more who you are and how you are. That you are home with yourself. That your light comes from within. That your spirit is expressed in your being.

Start by writing for 10 minutes each morning about who you want to be. Read and revise that every morning for 7 days. At the end of the 7 days, write action steps you can take to begin the process of your transformation, taking one step per day to get you closer. Get an accountability partner to keep you on track so you continue. This is a p r o c e s s.

Or, I can expertly help you get there faster to a place of ease and confidence = Extreme Desirability